Land Rights And Food Sovereignty

Securing sustainable access to land and resources for indigenous communities’ sovereignty and well-being.

The Struggle

Indigenous communities often face threats to their ancestral lands and traditional resource management practices, undermining their cultural continuity and livelihoods.

Together, we can drive meaningful change and improve the lives of women and girls in our community. Become a part of our dedicated team of volunteers today and contribute to a brighter, more equitable future!

Our Initiatives

IWGI works tirelessly to protect indigenous land rights through:

  • Educating communities on sustainable land use practices
  • Promoting food sovereignty through permaculture adoption
  • Advocating for the protection of indigenous land rights
  • Supporting communities in maximizing productivity of their grazing fields

Recent Projects

  1. Rangeland Restoration and Pasture Management:
    We conducted training on rangeland restoration and pasture management at the Lake Baringo cluster in Salabain location, empowering local communities to sustainably manage their grazing lands.
  2. Permaculture Demonstration:
    In Sambalat, Elgeyo Marakwet, we carried out permaculture adoption demonstration activities, showcasing sustainable land use practices.

Support the Change You Want to See

Help us empower indigenous women and girls to lead sustainable lives and build resilient communities.