Gender Mainstream In Policy And Advocacy

Amplifying indigenous voices to shape inclusive policies and challenge gender stereotypes.

The Issue

Indigenous women and girls face multiple layers of discrimination, often excluded from decision-making processes that directly affect their lives and communities.

Together, we can drive meaningful change and improve the lives of women and girls in our community. Become a part of our dedicated team of volunteers today and contribute to a brighter, more equitable future!

Our Strategy

IWGI is committed to ensuring indigenous women and girls have a seat at the table. Our advocacy work includes:

  • Tracking and analyzing policies relevant to indigenous communities
  • Conducting grassroots campaigns against gender-based violence
  • Creating spaces for women to engage in sustainable development discussions
  • Lobbying for gender-inclusive legislation at local and national levels

Our Recent Achievements

Citizen-led Policy Training.
We conducted training on citizen-led policy and gender mainstreaming in agriculture and climate change at:

  • Merica Hotel, Nakuru
  • Marigat Farmers Hall

Gender Mainstreaming Workshops:
Our workshops focused on integrating gender perspectives into agricultural and climate change policies, empowering women to actively participate in these crucial sectors.

By the Numbers:

  • 100+ women trained in policy advocacy and gender mainstreaming
  • 2 major training events conducted
  • Multiple policy recommendations submitted to local and national government bodies

Support the Change You Want to See

Help us empower indigenous women and girls to lead sustainable lives and build resilient communities.